Land Use Litigation

We represent and assist clients in resolving issues impacting the title to real estate as well as matters related to easements and rights of way. Our team also has significant experience in negotiating and litigating issues related to the purchase, sale and development of residential and commercial real estate. Additionally, we represent condominium associations, unit owners and developers, as well as individuals and businesses proposing or opposing the subdivision and development of real estate.

Our team understands that private property disputes and questions about property ownership and development can be unsettling and confusing for land owners. We use sound legal analysis and due diligence to resolve all types of land use issues to protect our clients’ property interests as quickly as possible.

This firm protects your rights while efficiently and conclusively resolving property disputes caused by questions of ownership or objections over land use by third parties. Whether you are trying to establish your interest in real property or find yourself embroiled in a dispute with joint owners or neighbors about using a parcel of land, we provide knowledgeable and proactive representation and counsel to protect your legal interests.

Lyons Law Offices, P.A. routinely handles land use issues involving:

Real Property Development
Easement Law
Adverse Possession
Title Disputes and Discrepancies
Issues Involving the Purchase and/or Sale of Real Estate
Partition Actions
Right of Way Disputes
Boundary Disputes
Nuisance and Trespass Litigation